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You are a savvy real estate investor seeking to maximize your potential for success! Shore Up Financial is your lending partner here to help you unlock the potential in the profitable investment opportunities you seek!

🌟 Our Specialization: Deal Structure & High-Leverage Loans for Real Estate Investors by Real Estate Investors! 🌟

As active investors ourselves, we understand that real estate investing requires the perfect blend of strategy, expertise, and financial resources. Our team of seasoned real estate and mortgage professionals specializes in structuring high-leverage loans tailored specifically to the needs of both the experienced and new real estate investor.

Over the years, we have built strong relationships with a vast network of lenders. And now, being a direct lender as well, we have ensured that we have access to a wide range of financing options for our clients. Being a direct lender along with our connections enables us to secure favorable terms on high-leverage loans.

Don't let limited capital restrict your pursuit of real estate investing...the great wealth builder!

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Loan Programs We Offer!

Our high-leverage loans enable you to access a substantial amount of capital, far beyond what traditional financing options can offer. With increased purchasing power, you can seize larger and more lucrative investment properties, multiplying your profits!

Our programs are for Newbies too!

Fix-n-Flip Rehab Financing

You work the miracles with the rehab...We'll work the miracles with the funding! High-Leverage 90% & 100% Purchase Money available within 70-75% of the ARV!

Buy & Hold/Rental Financing

The long-term play of rentals is a key wealth builder in real estate. We have no-income, no-asset solutions for acquisitions and to refinance your or multiple!

Ground-Up/New Construction

You build it, they will come!

Housing inventory is low and new homes are in demand! We have several sources for Ground-Up Construction including 100% LTC!

Seller 2nd Ok!

Get creative! We have lenders that allow Seller 2nds to create 100% Short-term financing! 70/30, 60/40, 50/50, etc. Perfect for when seller just needs some cash now and can wait for the rest!

Multi-Family Bridge

Multi-Family allows you to scale for optimal returns! We have access to flexible and creative funding options to help you take-down most any opportunity. Value Add and bridge loan solutions for 5+ limit on size or loan amount!

No & Low Ratio DSCR

Fund a new purchase, refinance a current property, or pull cash-out of your rental portfolio. Competitive rates, 30 yr or ARM terms, interest-only, and no income-no asset options!

Shore Up Financial Services

"Experience the Power of Leverage! Transform Your Real Estate Investments with Our High-Leverage Loans."

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